Why Celebrities & Royalty Choose Great British Nannies


April, 2019

Great British Nannies are a personable, trustworthy and experienced team offering a quintessentially British service to our nannies and families in the U.K and worldwide. With a service nothing short of excellent, you can count on us to be your trusted childcare and tuition agency of choice.

We Offer a Boutique & Bespoke Service

Great British Nannies hand-picks only the finest nannies for homes across the globe including the UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Switzerland, France, India, Turkey and many other destinations worldwide. Taking an exclusive approach to recruitment, Great British Nannies intentionally work only with a select few clients at a time, ensuring we can devote our full attention to each family. We work with a wide range of families from all sorts of backgrounds including high profile families, royalty, celebrities and high net worth individuals.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Professionalism

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, our multi-lingual team have been immersed in all aspects of child development from thriving in the presence of younger siblings and family members, to formal education and training. The team have built their qualifications alongside experience working in a variety of roles, including youth sports team coaches, teachers, nannies, and governesses, earning them a position as one of the most valued and respected childcare providers globally.

We are Dedicated to Providing an Exceptional Service

It’s the pure love and enjoyment of work that we do that sets our team apart. Built on a desire to be the best nanny, governess and tutor agency possible, Great British Nannies share the unique refinement and expertise of a London nanny agency with the rest of the world. With over 20 years combined experience of nannying in the UK and overseas, we’re committed to the continued enhancement of the first-class childcare services we provide, from supporting nanny training and accreditation to building strong relationships with our clients.

What sets Great British Nannies Apart from Other Childcare Providers?

Great British Nannies provide a bespoke service with a difference. We pride ourselves on our prioritisation of care and attention to the finer details that so often are missed. We go the extra mile to take the time and care to match our experienced and qualified nannies, governesses and tutors with families across the globe. As an international nanny agency, that provides childcare and education specialists around the world, we promise a quintessentially British service. Dedicated, attentive and respectful of your requirements every step of the way.

As a boutique nanny agency, we are known for our devoted and personal approach. With a full understanding of your needs, we are able to provide you with a choice of our finest native English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin speakers or any other language of your choice to care for and educate your child.

Our aim is to provide the parents and children with one of our finely selected nannies, governesses or tutors that will support, care for and educate your children. We endeavour through our thorough recruitment process to ensure a harmonious match between the family and candidate, whereby each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. With that goal in mind, we listen carefully to your requirements to make sure your standards are met and our reputation is upheld.

We pay great attention to detail and take the time to understand the most vital attributes of each unique placement. Our thorough approach in getting to know what your family requires ensures we select only the most suitable candidates among hundreds of applicants. We value your time and wish to maintain long lasting relationships with those we work with. With a proven track record of being professional, personable and diligent, we have an excellent reputation to uphold. Our clients and nannies tend to agree that Great British Nannies are incredibly attentive and responsive to their needs throughout the placement process and beyond. You can be guaranteed to find what the perfect addition to your family, assuming that you are able to be a little patient with us to find the perfect match for you.

At Great British Nannies, we are proud of our small and committed team and we do all we can to ensure each employee grows and thrives within the GBN family. After all, only happy employees can provide our clients and nannies with the service they truly deserve.

For more information about how Great British Nannies can serve the needs of your family unit please get in touch! Or read our blog post here about if hiring a Nanny is right for you!