Why being a Nanny for an amazing family is the best job in the world!

June, 2018
We all know how hard it can be to work in a private family and how different it is from being a 9 to 6 office worker. You are inside of someone’s personal life and you are there to make their life easier. This is why rapport and appreciation are so much more important than in a corporate environment.  We received a lovely letter from a nanny that loves her job exactly for that reason. She feels supported and appreciated by her employers. Little things like eggs on toast during her lunch break or a cheese basket for Easter can make one’s job satisfaction rocket. 
Here is what she wrote about her amazing experience

I’m a nanny that has found the perfect family, and by that I mean the perfect family for me because every nanny has an individual idea of what a perfect nanny family is.

For me my nanny family wishes were to find ones that take care of their nanny like they are family but treat them like the professionals that they are, allowing them the space to do their job but also around so we can laugh about the funny little characters my charges are turning into. That perfect balance that I was looking for, where you can do your job smiling and leave knowing you’ve made your mark on those teeny tiny human lives.

Working hard and sometimes long hours full of sniffly noses, throwing of tantrums and nappy explosions but leaving happy at the end of the day and looking forward to the next knowing you’ll be greeted with very happy squeaks and sometimes some rather peculiar, but oh so funny, rolling around the floor dance.

It sounds like a dream come true for a lot of nannies and I am forever grateful that what I have described above is my work life. I hand on my heart love my job; I love my nanny children unconditionally and will forever be grateful that their parents entrusted me to care for and to nurture their newborn twin babies. Fast forward eighteen months and I’m here to wipe their tears when their twin pulls their hair, or one of them has that one bit of tubbaware that their twin absolutely must have, even though they discarded is a few minutes earlier (they are one year old toddlers, not angels), laugh when they dance around like miniature t-rex’s and clap and cuddle them with delight when they learn a new word or do something they couldn’t do before.

But my job wouldn’t be quite so happy and amazing if my MB (Mum Boss) and DB (Dad Boss) weren’t so appreciative and grateful for the things that I do. By this I mean when the twins nap, (sorry sleep deprived mums; dads and carers look away now) 10am – 1pm every day my MB will tell me to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst handing me a freshly brewed and frothed vanilla latte and a poached egg on toast. Getting little emails and texts with thanks and gratitude for doing the smallest of things like making two separate lunches for them as one has intolerances but the other one would love the first lunch idea I had or organising the clothes baskets.

I am grateful for the freedom and trust my nanny family bestow upon me allowing me to take trips to stimulating and educational areas or even just to a soft play or café so we don’t all get cabin fever. Gifts do not buy job happiness but paying attention to your nannies likes and loves doesn’t go a miss and so when for Easter my MB came to me with a basket full of what can only be described as a cheese lovers heaven complete with the sweetest wooden cheese board and an insanely big box of Lush bath bombs I couldn’t help but almost cry!

Knowing how appreciated and loved I am honestly makes this the best job and family ever and these things can seem small but all bundled together with some sloppy mud and sand covered cuddles at the end of the day just makes this job and family one in a million.

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