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      5 Reasons Why Nannying is a Millennials Perfect Career Choice


      April, 2019

      With a significant rise in millennials seeking satisfaction and fulfilment from their day job, it comes as no surprise that the appeal to switch careers and become a full-time nanny is on the up. At Great British Nannies we’ve witnessed countless women and men trade in their high pressured mainstream teaching professions to become a travel nanny for one of our VIP families.

      There are a number of reasons that becoming a childcare provider for a private family is a wise, yet exciting move for anyone with a pull for new experiences and adventures. We’d love to share with you the most common reasons why our nannies chose the #nannylife.

      It allows the opportunity to travel

      Many of the travel bloggers and influencers you see living their best lives on Instagram are private household nannies. With the rising popularity of solo female travellers in particular, nannying allows the safety and security of being part of a family, whilst also ticking off places on their bucket lists. You may have wondered on many occasions ‘how can these women be travelling to such exotic and lavish locations without having a day job?’ well know you know how.

      Broadens perspective for world cultures and traditions

      Nannying abroad provides education that cannot be bought. This experience is perfect for those with a wanderlust spirit and those who approach life with a thirst for knowledge and new experiences. Without even realising it, my time as a nanny in Russia served up many incredible experiences which accelerated my own personal growth and development. As a nanny you may be working for a family under a monetary agreement but you will also receive insights into fascinating new cultures beyond your wildest imagination.

      It often doesn’t feel like work

      The amount of times I had to stop and smile to myself whilst working as a nanny and think, ‘am I actually getting paid to do this?’ Some examples included watching Disney films, making sandcastles, playing hide and seek and dress up. Doing arts and crafts and organising Easter egg hunts, basically all that innocent and open hearted good stuff that we’re told to give up as adults. Working as a nanny feeds the inner child like nothing else and it so good for the soul.

      You’ll have many ‘is this really happening’ moments

      Being chauffer driven with a fleet of blacked out cars in convey to board the family’s private jet. Meeting celebrities and royalty at family events, receiving jaw dropping Christmas and birthday gifts. Checking into your private beach front suite in the Maldives. Yes, as a nanny for a VIP family there’ll be plenty of those types of moments to enjoy and look back on.

      Enhances overall feelings of joy, well-being and fulfilment

      Yes, nannying comes with responsibility and a sometimes hectic schedule but when it comes to job satisfaction nannying is a difficult one to beat. It’s more than likely you will receive daily hugs and affection, spend time playing outdoors, learning, being curious about life and being active. Sharing fun experiences with children you care about and wish to see thrive in the world. Having the opportunity to interpret the world through the lens of a child allows us to reconnect with a sense of playfulness which as adults we so often lose touch with. Working with children is a career which is good for your health and wellbeing, and in this day and age that is a very rare thing indeed.

      We’d love to hear how becoming a career nanny has transformed your world. Also if you’re curious about how to make the transition please get in touch with our dedicated and personable team to find out more!

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