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      Our Top Plastic-Free Family Fun and Games That Ignite the Imagination


      August, 2019

      We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing

      Fun and games, joy and laughter; spending time with children reconnects us to our playful essence and sense of awe and wonder. In today’s fast pace world time and imagination are such incredibly valuable gifts that we can offer to our children. Having a few hours of quality interactive play time is worth a dozen of them playing alone with plastic toys. Modern living demands so much from us so play time with our children can often feel like the easiest thing to cut out, but be assured that inventive play time spent together will have both yourself and your children feeling happy, light and loved!

      Below are some fun ideas to get the ball rolling!

      Create a Den

      Remember this fun filled activity that could last forever?! Collect throws, blankets and surplus bed linen to create a magical haven designed uniquely by you as a family! Give it a special name and create a list of agreements to follow when entering the special space. Have fun creating your own utopian hideout to retreat to!

      Messy Play

      Regardless of age we can all have a lot of fun experimenting with messy play ideas! An opportunity to express and create. You may like to set up art painting with hands and feet outside, create a sand pit where you dig for buried treasure or get your hands mucky searching for hidden ‘fossils’ in the soil. The main aim of ‘messy play’ is to enjoy the sensory experience of using our hands and feet and to have some good ol’ non-goal-orientated creative fun.

      Put on a Show

      Spending time with children invites us to be a lot less serious and a lot sillier! Children teach us to be present and to laugh at ourselves, savouring joy in each moment. Creating a family show is a great opportunity to leave the mundane behind and enter a magical arena of possibilities! When adults leave their self-consciousness behind it welcomes children to do the same. So create a script and design characters or choose a story which is special for your family and let the fun begin!

      Create a dressing up bag

      This ties in wonderfully with the above suggestion, having a ‘dressing up bag’ equates to some serious frivolous fun! It allows a sense of creativity and expression to be nurtured and celebrated. Having fun playing about with different costumes allows us to step out of our everyday ‘egocentric’ existence and welcome in the opportunity for limitless possibility. For example, dressing up as a fairy or unicorn reconnects us to the truth of our own magic and what’s not to love about that!

      Turn Your Kitchen into a Laboratory

      You may like to revel in some alchemical kitchen wizardry by concocting some enchanting potions or perhaps by designing and creating a delicious and health affirming feast J Play about with recipes that are fun to make and delicious. A fun idea is to create a recipe by letter, meaning that all the ingredients start with the same letter. This allows children to get creative and broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of natural sources of goodness. If Harry Potter style potions and magic is your thing, then work together to make the magic happen!

      We hope this blog post has sparked a sense of awe and wonder to weave into play time! We love hearing about your creative play ideas, stories and pictures so please keep them coming.

      Happy play time! With love, Great British Nannies

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