Is a live-in nanny for you? The ultimate guide…


November, 2021

A live-in nanny is someone who lives in your home and primarily takes care of your children and their needs. They are qualified and educated carers responsible for everything to do with the children they care for. Additionally, they will help with the household chores, ensuring the home is clean and tidy for your family and prepping meals. They offer extra support in busy homes; a live-in nanny has that extra flexibility and reliability for last minute arrangements as they’re never too far away. Unlike a live-out nanny or other childcare provider.

People who have extremely busy lives and demanding jobs with irregular hours of work or need to travel often benefit most from a live-in nanny. Families like these are looking for extremely reliable and flexible that is more personal than alternatives. Your entire family will see the live-in nanny as an extra family member.

What can you expect from a live-in nanny?

The arrangements differ from family to family, but live-in nannies can adjust to your family’s needs and schedule. Most commonly live-in nannies will:


  • Take children to school and extracurricular activities
  • Picking children up from school and their clubs
  • Providing engaging educational activities and tasks
  • Dress, bathe and feed the children
  • Take part in family tasks such as making dinner and setting the table
  • Providing supervision when the parents aren’t present
  • Helping with homework
  • Preparing snacks and drinks
  • Assist with keeping the bedroom, nursery and laundry clean

More about hiring a live-in nanny

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Live-in nannies often get paid a little less than live-out nannies, as the pay is used to cover other expenditures such as rent and living costs.

Before hiring a live-in nanny, you need to ensure this is the right move for you. Finding someone to care for your children is never easy, there is a lot to consider before taking that step. You want someone who is experienced and nurturing. Someone who will care for the children in the same way that you would. Someone kind and respectful, engaging and loving. With live-in nannies, they will also be living in your home. Having somebody move into your house can be very daunting. You will have to determine whether their mannerisms and habits suit your family and lifestyle, making the process longer than a daycare or other provider of care.

It is also extremely important to bear in mind that even though they live at home they are still to be paid hourly for any care they provide. They may be at home but not ‘on call’. Live-in nannies normally work 10-12 hours a day. Like live-out nannies, babysitters and childminders, live-in nannies should be provided with a work contract and schedule. Both parties should agree before starting work and all duties expected should be made clear beforehand, as asking for additional things later on will be difficult as it isn’t in the contract.

Live-in child carers will adjust to your daily habits, wake, sleep and eat at the same time as their employers. As the employer it is your duty to ensure they have everything provided for them. Double check with your nanny if she has any dietary requirements etc. and make sure they have what they need.

Live-in nannies are legally entitled to 14 hours a week to themselves, normally broken up into two hours per day. Your rules should be made clear in the contract regarding their visitors.

Another thing to consider is that a live-in nanny requires her own space and privacy. She may live with you, but she is entitled to her own bedroom accommodation. Do you have that space for them? If you require them to drive, you must ensure they have a suitable means of transportation and a valid license.

You may also wish for your live-in nanny to sign a confidentiality agreement as your family matters are private and it will prevent anything from leaving the safety of your home.

Costs of hiring a live-in nanny in the U.K

Can you afford a live-in nanny? Check your monthly budget and speak with your family about what they think is best. Ask other people you know who have hired a live-in nanny and seek what they think. Think hard about the pros and cons of having a live-in nanny. After all, it is a huge change having another human move into your place.


Costs for live-in nannies vary from place to place, in the UK the annual salary for a live-in nanny is anywhere between £12,000 to £50,000. With a reduction rate of 20% for tax, which must  be paid by the employer. Costs will go up depending on their experience, number of children they will be caring for, qualifications, duties and location.


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