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      Important Reminder for Your Children during Exam Season

      Right now, at this very moment, there are millions of children all over the world who are preparing for exams.  Many of which will be feeling nervous about the impending scrutiny of their abilities. Read an inspirational letter of a Singapore principle to help you deal with stress and pressure.

      Tips for adapting to life as a Nanny

      So you’ve just touched down in a foreign country which perhaps you’ve never visited before. Everything your eyes are seeing is new; perhaps you’re feeling a range of emotions you’ve never felt before. All these changes are heightened by the fact that you are alone, and let’s face it; it’s a scary situation to be in.

      Nannying abroad

      Nannying abroad your next step? Read here about how one nanny/governess went to Moscow to teach English as a second language.

      Governess in Moscow

      Governess in Moscow? Is this the next path in your Governess career. Here’s an example of a real experience and what it’s really like to live in Moscow!

      Thinking about a being a nanny?

      Are you thinking about becoming a nanny? Have a read here on the top ten perks of being a nanny. Especially as you’ll be having fun everyday! Read on.

      Have a #winning relationship with your Nanny!

      Read about how you can get the best out of your nanny so that you, your children and your nanny work in harmony. Employing an outsider into your home can be tricky, these tips are here to give you a head start.

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